Our first carton box making machine installed in Malaysia is to solve the production problems of furniture cartons. As we known, furniture carton boxes are very messy as it has different sizes. Our customer need to finish these carton boxes manually, and it took a lot of time and money.

Our customer meet Aopack in 2018 SinoCorrugated Fair, we show them how to use our box making machine to customize carton box for their furniture. It totally attracted them. After visited our factory and have a deeper communication, we got a cooperation.

Form the deposit payment to installation finished, we spend about 6 months, our customer is very satisfied with our products and service. Now, they are planning to buy a new one because their new plant is going to put into operation.


1. Questions and Challenges

Customer order status can be seen in the following picture, carton orders are very scattered, each order only need a few or dozens of carton boxes.

Due to low quantity, if we use the rotary slotting machine, it will take 10 to 30 minutes to debug the machine. After the adjustment, 2-3 pieces need to be tested to verify whether the debugging is correct.

However, this kind of machine is very efficient and suitable for mass production. If there are only a few dozen boxes, it may be finished in less than 1 minute after starting up.

In general, customers will not choose to use such expensive machine to produce such small orders, they usually do the orders manually. So the efficiency is very low, and can not guarantee the processing accuracy and beauty.

2. Solution

Therefore, the customer has purchased and installed our small-batch carton box machine. It only takes 1 minute to change the order. It is fully automatic and does not need manual debugging.

Because it is fully automatic, it has low technical requirements for operators, and only 1 or 2 people can produce dozens or even hundreds of different kinds and size carton boxes every day. With Aopack box making machine, the customer thoroughly solved the carton box problem.

3. Achievements

Aopack is not only supply cheap box making machine for our clients, but also guarantee a good after sales service. For same quality and service, other box making machine supplier charge you $30000 more. Due to the powerful manufacturing capacity, low-cost labor, and reliable supplier, our carton box machine price is very competitive.

The customer is very satisfied and plans to buy a new one after the new plant is put into operation.

Now, we has served several customers in Malaysia and get a good reputation in this country. Our R & D team also keep developing new model machine like fanfold cardboard box machine and carton box machine BM2508 Plus to solve more packing problem.