Fanfold Cardboard Box Machine BM2508-Fanfold

Fanfold Cardboard Box Machine

Fanfold Cardboard Box Machine BM2508-Fanfold is our latest on-demand packaging device for end-users. It is designed on the basis of corrugated box machine BM2508, which removes the slotting function, remains to crease and cutting functions. BM2508 makes it easier to provide the most suitable customized packaging solutions. All the settings can be set through a touch screen, and operators don’t have to be equipped with any experience in carton box production. Both fanfold cardboard and single piece sheet can be applied to this machine. With just a few simple steps, it can produce right-sized box for any products automatically, no need manual knife setting.

Suitable for Fanfold Cardboard & Sheets

Vertical slitting and creasing, Horizontal cutting and scoring, Fanfold cardboard, Suitable for corrugated sheets

     Main function

  1. Vertical slitting and creasing
  2. Horizontal cutting and scoring
  3. Fanfold cardboard
  4. Suitable for corrugated sheets

    Standard Configuration

  • 1 pcs horizontal cutting and creasing knife
  • 4 pcs vertical cutting knives
  • 4 pcs creasing/scoring wheels

Features of BM2508-Fanfold

  • Suitable for fanfold cardboard and sheets, the maximum width is 2500mm, and the length is unlimited.

  • Any size, any style, just needs seconds,on-demand production.

  • Fully automatic, no need die-cut, no need to adjust the knife manually.

  • Reduce carton inventory as well as management cost.

  • The carton is the most customized, avoid using fillers.

Any Size;  Any Box; Just In Seconds

1 pcs horizontal cutting and creasing knife, 4 pcs vertical cutting knives, 4 pcs creasing/scoring wheels

Multiple Box Types for Your Choice

Technical Specification

Corrugated board type Sheets Or Fanfold (Single , Double wall)
Cardboard thickness2-10mm
Cardboard density range  Up to 1200g/m²
Max.board size2500mm width x unlimited length
Min.board size200mm  width x 650mm length
Production CapacityAppr.400Pcs/H  Up to 600Pcs/H
Depends on size and box style.
Slotting Knife2 pcs *500mm Length
Vertical Cutting knife4
Scoring/Creasing wheel4
Horizontal Cutting knife1
Power supplyBM2508-Plus 380V±10%,Max. 3.5kW, 50/60 Hz
Vacuum Pump 380V±10%,Max. 5.5kW, 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure0.6-0.7MPa
Dimension3900(W) * 1900(L)* 2030mm(H)
Gross WeightAppr.3500Kg
Automatic paper feedingAvailable
Hand hole on box sidesAvailable
Air Consumption75L/Min
All the above specifications are for reference only.
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