Main Features

  • Hot melt glue applicator

  • Up to 200mm glue width.

  • Simple set up and easy to use

  • For all sizes of boxes

  • Comfortable height for operation

  • Faster than hot-melt glue gun

  • Reduce glue costs by up to 50%

The Hot melt glue machine 200 is designed and manufactured for the complement of AOPACK world-leading short run box making machine BM2508-Plus. The HMG200’s simple-designed structure provides quick and efficient processing of generally any size of corrugated boxes.

A proper amount of hot-melt adhesive is applied to the exactly whole surface of the glue flap, creating the best contact surface giving excellent adhesion all the time. The glue tank heats the hot melt granules, which can provide a constant supply of glue to the spinning wheel, only need for regular refilling, allowing for quick, continuous processing.

Eliminating the need to pick up heavy glue guns frequently, the pre-melt offers significantly faster processing whilst reducing the risk of injury. By using hot-melt granules, it is easy to accomplish a consistent amount of glue to every box. As a result, the raw material costs and the amount of glue used are greatly reduced.

200mm Roller

Control Panel

Granular Glue

HMG200 Front View

HMG200 Side View


Operating Table Included

The Glue Tank

Technical Specification

Power Supply 220V±10%
Motor Power 60W
Heating Power 1500W
Glue Width Up to 200mm
Melting Speed 2Kg/h
Glue Viscosity 1000-20000 CPS
Operating Temperature ≤250℃
Cardboard Thickness 0.7-20mm
Glue Container Volume 2L
Dimension 500(W) * 485(L)* 1080mm(H)
Gross Weight Appr. 50Kg
All the above specifications are for reference only.
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