Aopack intelligent packaging system Human Machine Interface

intelligent packaging system

15.6″ touch screen

All the settings can be done through this panel, including choose box style, the input cardboard size, the box dimensions(width, breath, height), hand hole setting, production order storage, and so on. After these settings, the machine can finish knife setting, creasing wheels setting automatically within one minute. Very easy to operate, very quick set up.

intelligent packaging system

Dimension Measuring & Barcode Scanner

Put the object on the bar code table, scan and measure the size of it, and the data is transmitted to the control system interface in real time. You just need to select the box type and set the quantity, then you can get the box to pack the abject.

intelligent packaging system


The system can be any language you want. Currently, there are Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese inside the system. If you have special language requirement, please let us know in advance. We will change it accordingly.

intelligent packaging system

Flink-WiFi support remote monitoring & operation.

Click the “Wifi” button to enter the “Wifi” setting interface. This function is used for remote after-sales service. Once the machine is connected to Wifi, we can monitor and operate the machine remotely. This can help customers solve many problems.

intelligent packaging system

Production order storage

Production orders can be stored up to 2000 records. Introduction to the storage function page button. 5 buttons are available, including Search, Download, Read, Delete, Save.

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