Corrugated Box Machine BM2508

Corrugated Box Machine BM2508

BM2508 is an economical semi-automatic corrugated box making machine. It removes the high-cost leading-edge feeder and handhole die-cutting module from BM2508-Plus carton box making machine, to cater to customers with lower budgets and fewer orders. At the same time, it reserves the mechanical design space, so that some customers can easily get it upgraded into BM2508-Plus in the future by assembling the feeder and handhole die-cutting module.

Single-pass, All-in-one, Short run box making machine

Board feeding, slotting, scoring, slitting, cutting, trimming in one compact machine

Main Features

  • One person is enough for operating, saving labor

  • Only need 30 seconds to change the order, the minimum order quantity is 1, shorten the delivery cycle

  • High efficiency, without die-cut, saving your money

  • Cardboard size up to 2500mm width with unlimited length, oversized cardboard boxes is available

  • Have the ability to making dozens of orders with different sizes and different box types every single day

  • Complete all settings for box production with an intuitive touch screen panel

  • No additional tools or die-cut, servo drive to complete all settings.

  • Use of powered (servo motor) knives making the edges of the carton more beautiful and flat.

Any Size;  Any Box; Just In Seconds

No need to change the die-cut, make boxes at any time, cross the intermediate link, greatly reduce the production cost & time.

More than 100 Box Styles for Your Choice

Corrugated Box Machine BM2508
corrugated box making machine price

Our Corrugated Box Machine are definitely not just CHEAP.

Free home Installation and operational training service, your machine will be guaranteed for 12 months.

Technical Specification

Corrugated board type  Sheets (Single , Double wall)
Cardboard thickness 2-10mm
Cardboard density range   Up to 1200g/m²
Max.board size 2500mm width x unlimited length
Min.board size 200mm  width x 650mm length
Production Capacity Appr.400Pcs/H  Up to 600Pcs/H
Depends on size and box style.
Slotting Knife 2 pcs *500mm Length
Vertical Cutting knife 4
Scoring/Creasing wheel 4
Horizontal Cutting knife 1
Power supply BM2508-Plus 380V±10%,Max. 3.5kW, 50/60 Hz
No Vacuum Pump
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7MPa
Dimension 3900(W) * 1900(L)* 2030mm(H)
Gross Weight Appr.3300Kg
Automatic paper feeding Not Available
Hand hole on box sides Not Available
Air Consumption 75L/Min
All the above specifications are for reference only.
The final interpretation right belongs to Qingdao Aopack On Demand Packaging co., Ltd.

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