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In the past 8 years, Aopack has installed more than 150 machines to 50+ countries.

We provide excellent customized packaging solutions for end-users, including the furniture factory, hardware accessories factory, e-commerce logistics company. We are proud that we can make client’s business more profitable.

Besides, we provide tons of solutions to support our agents to developing their market. Now, our agents in Malaysia, Singapore, India has got a great success in packaging industry.

No matter you are an end-user or agent, Aopack will provide best customized solutions and any support for you. Your satisfaction is our best wish.

Examples of Our Clients

Our products are popular with large, middle-sized and small companies. Below you will find a short selection of almost 15 companies that use our box making machine all around the world.

Client Stories & Testimonials

Keiji Harino from Ocean Technology

We mainly in charge of sales and maintenance work in the packaging and logistics industries in Japan.

We also have bases in Europe and China, meanwhile supports the operation of Japanese companies’ overseas bases.

We are expanding our sales scale of continuous cardboard making models with our cooperators.

We will satisfied our customers with our instant improvement of all kinds of sales problems.





Tatsumi Koutarou from Nihon Seizuki Kogyo

We have been cooperate with Aopack since the end of 2019, and have been introducing it to about 20 companies in the last two years. We provides a series of machines which can process a 2.5 or 3m width board in maximum, which has already became a must-have box making machine for the customers with the requirements of low to medium volume box production orders, and demand for industrial materials packaging.

In traditional mode of production, an order used to take lots of times, but now, it only needs about 5 seconds with only 2 or 4 steps with our machine.

Besides that, with this fully automatic machine, it even don’t need any preparing time, which effectively solve the problem of scattered orders, and high labor cost.

With NSK’s specialized knowledge, many years experience in corrugated box making industry and Aopack’s technical capacity, we provide the best solutions and services for Japanese customers and have received tremendous evaluations.






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