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Our products are popular with large, middle-sized and small companies. Below you will find a short selection of almost 30 companies that use our box making machine all around the world.

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box machine client

Mr. Li from XINYI Corrugated

Zhang and I got to know each other in 2014, when he was developing carton machine and purchasing cardboard from me for testing machine performance. Later I went to his factory, and Zhang showed me his machine in a very comprehensive way. I was excited about this advanced machine, which was exactly what I needed. Because my customers are all in the furniture industry, their orders are very messy, sometimes only a few different sizes of boxes for a single order, we need a long time to replace the mold and set up the machine with the die cutting mold. Therefore, I became Zhang’s first customer. The first carton box machine he produced for me is still used every day. It is very reliable. Sometimes there were some small problems, Zhang always gives me timely feedback and support, thank you very much for Zhang’s support to us these years, so that I no longer have a headache in the face of small orders.

box machine client

Mr.Liu from BC DOOR

We make custom wooden doors. Almost every wooden door has a different size. Every time we do the packaging work, we need a lot of people. With the wallpaper knife to hand-cut cardboard to make the appropriate packaging. This kind of packaging is very ugly and reduces our brand. Later, I saw the carton box machine made by Aopack in the exhibition, which can completely solve the problem of customized packaging. We are very happy for our two years of our cooperation, because we did not much about packaging, the Aopack team helped me order cardboard and trained the use of the machine.Their machine is really easy to operate, our new employees can quickly grasp the operation method in a few days, do not need professional packaging skills. This saved us a lot of training costs. Thank you for the good machine of Aopack, which makes our wooden doors look better and more suitable for packing.

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