• BM2508 Plus box making machine

Most Cost-effective Carton Box Making Machine

  • All settings are entered directly from a large 15.6” user-friendly touch screen panel within one minute.

  • You can choose from more than 100 preinstalled FEFCO box styles.

  • Leading-edge feeding, slotting, scoring, slitting, cutting, trimming, die-cutting, out-feeding, in one compact machine – no additional die-cut required.

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Major Functions Of Our Machine

AOPACK BM2508 Plus is the most advanced and Integrated box making machine giving the solution to the short-run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Infeed

Cardboard Feeding

  • 20-50 sheets can be loaded, thickness ranging from 10 to 2 mm.
  • A continuous cardboard feeding system with a vacuum pump makes cardboard feeding more accurate.
Horizontal Slot & Score

Horizontal Slotting & Scoring

  • Two 500mm symmetrical slotting knives
  • Slotting knife and creasing beam integrated design
Vertical Score & Slit

Vertical Scoring & Slitting

  • 4 Cutting knives,  rotated by the servo motor to make the side of the carton box  more beautiful and flat
  • 4 Scoring/Creasing wheels 
Horizontal Cut & Cardboad Outfeed

Horizontal Cutting & Cardboard Cutting

  • Cut off excess cardboard without an additional paper separator

BM2508 Plus Box Making Machine Workflow

One-stop Service for Cardboard Boxes Projects

  • We can provide overseas installation and operator training services for the end-user.

  • We have OEM service for our partner, such as printing the reseller’s logo on the machine, upload the logo in operation program

  • If your own engineer group was well-built, we can provide customized service for your business.

The Projects We Served

Featured Box Making Machine

Corrugated Box Machine BM2508 SE

Corrugated Box Machine BM2508 SE

BM2508-SE is a fully automatic multifunctional box maker with horizontal slotting and scoring, vertical slitting and creasing, horizontal cutting all in one compact machine.

Fanfold Cardboard Box Machine BM2508-Fanfold

BM2508-Fanfold cardboard box making machine is our latest on-demand packaging manufacturing device for end-users. It is designed on the basis of carton box machine BM2508 Plus, which remains the slotting, creasing, and cutting functions.

Boxmaker BM3000

BM3000 is a fully automatic box making machine, with multifunction of auto feeding, slotting, creasing/scoring, slitting, as well as handhole die-cutting. On the basis of the BM2508-Plus machine, its maximum cardboard width has been extended to 3 meters, and the production efficiency has increased by 20%.

Horizontal Cut & Cardboad Outfeed

 Hot Melt Glue Machine 200-HMG200

The Hot melt glue machine 200 is designed and manufactured for the complement of AOPACK world-leading short run box making machine BM2508-Plus. The HMG200’s simple-designed structure provides quick and efficient processing of generally any size of corrugated boxes.

Why 100+ Clients Choose Aopack

Box Making Machine FAQ

The equipment has different configurations, you can even add some optional function in our BM2508, Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

We provide the hot melt gluing machine, please check the details on Youtube video: https://youtu.be/JXeEV3ydp5Q. Besides, We will integrate cold glue device into BM2508 Plus in the near future. If you have an interest, leave a message to our Email, and will let you know as soon as we made it.

Sorry, our machine doesn’t support this function at present. We recommend that you use a digital or flexographic printer.

Yes, our BM2508 Plus box making machine can provide an optional hand hole punching module.

Yes, we can add the box style as per your demand. Please download the document, here shows all the common Fefco boxes.

Yes, when there is a program update, we will inform our customer of the programming update.

What Our Clients Say Our Box Making Machine

Dealer & Partners

  • A very competitive price to help you cut costs and increase profits.
  • Aopack will handle all details of the order on your behalf, providing fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.
  • With an excellent R & D team, you can market test your business ideas before your final decision.
  • Aopack helps you to monitor and control your risks.

End Users

Worry about doing business with Aopack? See what our end users said about our corrugated box machine. You will LIKE to do business with us, too!

I was their first client, the first carton box machine he produced for me is still used every day. It is very reliable. Sometimes there were some small problems, Zhang always gives me timely feedback and support, thank you very much for Zhang’s support to us these years, so that I no longer have a headache in the face of small orders.

box machine clientMr. Li from XINYI Corrugated

We are a company that provides third-party packaging for customers. Aopack carton box making machine absolutely solves my package problem. Mr. Guan of Aopack gave us meticulous training and patiently taught many of our employees. I am very satisfied with their products and service. Thank you.

box machine clients Fiona from Lando, Box Plant, Distributor

Aopack BM2508 cardboard box machine has served us for over 3 years, and it works very well.  Their machine is really easy to operate, our new employees can quickly grasp the operation method in a few days, do not need professional packaging skills. We are very happy for our 3 years of our cooperation,

box machine clientJess from JPD , Owner of Package Company, Distributor

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