Automatic Box Making Machine

  • All settings are inputted directly through a large 15.6” user-friendly touch screen panel within one minute.

  • Available for more than 100 box styles, supports customized box styles.

  • Lead-edge feeding, slotting, scoring, slitting, trimming, die-cutting, and inline gluing option, all in one compact machine, fully automatic and single pass!

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    Automatic Box Making Machine Manufacturer

    QINGDAO AOPACK focuses on corrugated box making slolutions and has developed a series of box making machines with our own patents. All the processes are in our control, which includes the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service.

    We provide packaging solutions for customers who need small quantity box orders quickly with any size box, also we can design the most suitable solution according to customers’ special requirements.

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    Featured Automatic Box Making Machines

    Carton Box Machine BM2508-Plus

    BM2508-Plus is a fully automatic carton box making machine, suitable for box plants with small quantity orders and big size cartons, which effectively solves the problem of scattered orders.

    Corrugated Box Machine BM2508 SE

    Carton Box Machine BM2508-SE

    BM2508-SE is a fully automatic multifunctional box maker with horizontal slotting and scoring, vertical slitting and creasing, horizontal cutting all in one compact machine.

    Boxmaker Machine BM3000

    BM3000 is a fully automatic box making machine, with multifunction of auto feeding, slotting, creasing/scoring, slitting, as well as handhole die-cutting. On the basis of the BM2508-Plus machine, its maximum cardboard width has been extended to 3 meters, and the production efficiency has increased by 20%.

    Fanfold Cardboard Box Machine BM2508-Fanfold

    BM2508-Fanfold cardboard box making machine is our latest on-demand packaging manufacturing device for end-users. It is designed on the basis of carton box machine BM2508 Plus, which remains the slotting, creasing, and cutting functions.

    Custom Automatic Box Making Machine

    Aopack box making machines are suitable for box factories, Fulfillment centers, and furniture factories…

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    Custom Corrugated Boxes Solutions

    • We can provide overseas installation and operator training services for the end-users.

    • We have OEM service for our partner, such as printing the reseller’s logo on the machine, upload the logo in operation program.

    • If your own engineer group was well-built, we can provide customized service for your business.

    Automatic Box Making Machine Recent Projects

    Aopack Box Making Machine in Korea

    August 25 -- August 27, 2022, K-Print Korea Seoul Packaging & Exhibition was successfully held at COEX. The exhibition area has reached 25,000 square meters, the number of visitors has reached 36,000, and the number [...]

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    Automatic Box Making Machine FAQ

    Sorry, our machine doesn’t support this function at present. We recommend that you use a digital or flexographic printer.

    Yes, our BM2508 Plus machine can provide an optional hand hole punching module.

    We have the CE certification, and the third-party inspection company SGS provides inspection services.

    Yes, when there is a program update, we will inform our customers of the programming update.

    It is possible but not recommended. The packaging effect of PE film is too poor, and the material will be sticky.

    Yes, the most commonly used consumables are slitting knife and fiber comb. We have extra 4 pcs slitting knives and 2 pcs fiber comb with machine shipment. Normally, it’s been enough for one year use.

    Our main products include BM2508-Plus, BM2508-SE, BM3000. BM2508-Plus is the best seller, fully automatic with functions of auto feeding, slotting, slitting, creasing, and hand hole die cutting. BM2508-SE is an economic version of Plus, and it removes hand hole die cutting module. BM3000 is our most advantaged box maker. On the basis of the BM2508-Plus machine, its maximum cardboard width has been extended from 2.5 meters to 3 meters, and the production efficiency has increased by 20%.

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