Aopack short run box making machine produces boxes with 200mm – 2500mm board width and unlimited length. It’s very suitable for factories that need to pack products of different sizes. Our customer S, a picture frame manufacturer, looking for solutions to their product packaging problems.

1. Introduction to customer needs of picture frame manufacturer

Our agent G got in touch with customer S, a picture frame product manufacturer in Europe. This customer has a number of issues with regard to packaging. Firstly, they need a huge number of sizes and types of boxes for a large range of picture frame sizes and types. Secondly, they need very large spaces to store a lot of carton boxes. Thirdly, they have to spend a lot of time adapting existing box types manually to suit the picture frame. Fourthly, they need to find a way to package the picture frame products safely for every single order. Fifthly, the carton box production needs to be done very quickly and easily. Customer S wants to find an easy-operating machine to produce carton boxes that can package multiple frames and also can package single frames.

2. Packaging solutions provided by Aopack agents

Our agent G recommended the Aopack fully automatic carton box making machine BM2508-Plus to the customer to solve the problem. This machine can make over 100 box styles. The maximum board width is 2500mm and the length is unlimited. It can satisfy customers’ needs for multi-size and multi-type cartons very well. Lead-edge feeding, slotting, scoring, creasing, slitting, trimming, die-cutting, and inline gluing printing options, all in one compact machine, fully automatic and single pass. Customers S no longer need to store a large number of cartons of different sizes and types, which greatly saves storage costs. This machine BM2508-Plus changeover time is within 40s, and it is very easy to operate, which can save labor costs. Aopack box making machine satisfies the customer’s carton customization needs very well.

3. Aopack box making machine packaging & shipping


Aopack box making machine is wrapped in the film with pallets.

4. Aopack box making machine won high praise

After a hands-on demonstration of the operation process of Aopack box making machine by agent G, Customer S is very satisfied with the machine’s multi-function and production speed. He has had the machine in production now for a number of weeks and is beginning to make all box types and variants they need on a daily basis.

This has allowed Customer S to quickly make every type and size of the box they require for their large collection of products as well as reducing the warehousing space dramatically required for storing a large number of box styles and types as they can all be manufactured in the house now extremely quickly using the intuitive software on the Aopack box making machine. Large runs of boxes are easily completed.


Aopack fully automatic box making machine can quickly manufacture every size and style of boxes for their picture frame product. All settings can be input from the touching panel, easy operation with excellent cutting performance and high accuracy. Slotting, scoring, creasing, slitting, trimming, die cutting, gluing, and printing, all in one compact short run box making machine.

Aopack specialized in low to medium volume box production, Aopack provides packaging solutions throughout the world. Both machine performance and customer service have received tons of excellent reviews from our partners and customers. Our products have passed CE and SGS certificates. We have local agents in many countries for your service who could deal with all your after-sale problems. If you are interested in Aopack box making macking, please contact us freely.