When people talk about corrugated box manufacturing machines, they think of Germany, because the quality is good. Also, India is often mentioned because it is cheap. Then China’s corrugated box manufacturing machine has a combination of the advantages of both, with high quality and a very competitive price. The fastest and most effective way to find suppliers of corrugated carton manufacturing machines in China is to attend an exhibition. And the most recommended corrugated industry fair is the SinoCorrugated exhibition.

SinoCorrugated is a professional trade show on corrugated equipment and consumables. Founded in 2003, it is organized by Relx Group and held every two years. The exhibition scale is up to 67,000 square meters, gathering more than 700 domestic and foreign well-known equipment and consumable exhibitors, and featuring more than 200 packaging containers, materials and design suppliers. It displays more than 1,400 sets of corrugated, color boxes, flexo printing, paper packaging and processing equipment and more than 1,000 kinds of related consumables.

After 16 years of development, the exhibition has attracted more than 80,000 professional visitors at home and abroad, including more than 8,000 overseas high-quality buyers. Aopack will share how to Source Corrugated Product in SinoCorrugated.


#1. Important Preparations before the Fair

Many newbie buyers are lost in the exhibition because there are countless products. At the same time, there are some buyers who found they couldn’t enter the exhibition because they didn’t have a ticket. Besides, some clients have visa problems and cannot go back to their home countries.

Attending an exhibition costs a lot, and experienced buyers often make full preparations before attending the exhibition. Before the exhibition, we often need to start from the following four aspects:

1. Visa

Obviously, you need a visa to go to China, and to get one you can apply for it at your local embassy. Now it is very convenient to apply for a visa, as you can also apply directly online. If you are going abroad for the first time, and you have many questions about the visa, you can directly consult your local embassy, and they will provide you with the documents required for the visa.

If possible, please apply for a business visa, which will bring more convenience. If you can’t get a business visa, a tourist visa is also ok for you. SinoCorrugated 2019 is located in Shanghai. Many countries have direct flights to Shanghai, but some buyers may need to transfer to Hong Kong, and thus you need to apply for a two-pass visa.

There are two types of travel visas, single entry tourist visa and double entry tourist visa. A single entry tourist visa means you can only travel from mainland China to Hong Kong once, while double entry tourist visa means you can travel back and forth through Hong Kong, China.

The price of the visa is about 90-200 dollars. Before applying for a visa, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months and that your passport has at least two blank pages.

2. Preregister for the Entrance Ticket

You need to register your entrance ticket on the official website of SinoCorrugated. There are two ways to obtain the entrance ticket. We recommend you make an online registration, as it can ensure that you can get your tickets before the exhibition.

Here is SinoCorrugated website, https://www.sino-corrugated.com, enter by directly clicking onto the Visitor Registration to register online. If you have any questions about the online registration, please contact the exhibition company or your supplier directly.

Secondly, you can register for the entrance ticket in the exhibition hall. Go to the reception desk to consult the staff, then they will prepare a registration form for you. If you have any problems registering your ticket, please contact your supplier immediately. With the help of the local Chinese, things will go much more smoothly.

3. Book a hotel & flight

The exhibition time of SinoCorrugated is from April 8th to 11th. During this period, hotels around the exhibition will rise in price and it is easy to fail to book a hotel temporarily. Therefore, it is necessary to book a hotel in advance. I recommend three good hotel reservation tools:

  • Booking.com

It is a website that helps you book accommodations around the world online, providing you 615,581 hotels in 75,461 destinations around the world.

  • Agoda.com

Agoda is an online hotel booking website with hotels in China, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia and Australia.

  • Hotels.com

It has 85 websites in 34 languages, and offers the widest selection of online accommodations, including more than 320,000 independent hotels, major chains and self-service hotels around the world.

During the exhibition, you will be very tired, so please choose a comfortable hotel, as it can let you have a good sleep. If you are not sure about which hotel to choose, you can consider the following hotels selected by Aopack for you:


  • Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, Kerry Hotel,
  • Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai, Royal Garden Hotel Shanghai,
  • Sheraton Shanghai Waigaoqiao Hotel, The Kunlun Jing An



  • Green Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu,
  • Ramada Plaza Pudong Shanghai, Starr Hotel Shanghai



  • Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone Hotel,
  • Dorsett Shanghai, Ibis Hotel, Jing Jiang Inn (Zhejiang, Motel 168(Si Nan Road)
  • MOTEL 168(The Bund, Novotel Shanghai Clover, The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Pudong.

After confirming the hotel, you can start to book the air tickets. It is cheaper to book the air tickets in advance, and you can refer to the price provided by the airline.


#2. Preparation for Sourcing

Our purpose for the SinoCorrugated exhibition is to find good suppliers and products, and at the same, get a better price. But many buyers just easily waste their time on useless things because there are too many choices. We need to make some preparations so that we can source our goods successfully.

1. Set Goals

In general, we need to set three goals, product, supplier, and price. The best way is to make three tables to help you clear all the details.

The first is the supplier form, which includes all the suppliers you want to visit. Before the exhibition, many suppliers will send you emails to tell you their booth NO., list their products and booth number together, and make the best exhibition route so you can avoid missing any supplier.

If you already have many potential suppliers, you can email them directly and tell them that you will attend the SinoCorrugated 2019 exhibition, and let them send you the booth number if they attend.

If you don’t have any suppliers at present, don’t worry. You can read this article to find enough suppliers: Best 10 Ways to Find Box Making Machine Supplier in China!

The second table is the product form, as many buyers are not just looking for a product. If you need to purchase more than one product, please list these products in the table. The product form can help you concentrate. There are so many products in the exhibition, so without this product form, you will easily get lost.

The third table is the price form. Label each product with the price you are looking for. Please remember, we are looking for a suitable supplier for our products, so their price should be matched with your price point, too high or too low is not good.

2. Print Venue Map

The hall of SinoCorrugated is up to 67,000 square meters, so attending the exhibition without a venue map will not only waste time, but also be exhausting. It’s necessary for you to print a venue map before you visit the Exhibition. You can print it during your registration, besides, there are floor maps there, so it’s very convenient.

3. Prepare Necessities

You need to prepare some necessities to make your visit more successful. Here are the four necessities you need consider:

  • A Huge Wheeled Trolley Case

Trust me, you’ll receive a lot of heavy stuff, such as catalogues, company brochures, and samples. A huge wheeled trolley case will help you a lot.

  • Business card

You will use your business card to exchange the product catalogs, so the more business cards you have, the better. Otherwise, most suppliers will be reluctant to hand out their catalogs. When exchanging the business card, please remember to fix the business card together with the catalogue, and write down your impression of this supplier in a few words, which will be convenient for you to sort out the suppliers after you return to the hotel at night.

  • Chinese phone card

You can buy them from any China Mobile retail outlets. If you want to save time, you can buy them at the checkpoint. They are experienced, but at the same time, they’re going to be a little more expensive.

  • Comfortable shoes

Imagining that you need to carry a heavy suitcase for a day, you will see how important it is to have a comfortable shoes. So please remember to bring your most comfortable shoes, it is very important.

4. Traffic

Sino Corrugated 2019 will open at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), which is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai and is easily accessible using many means of transportation.

The public traffic interchange named “Longyang Road Station” for buses, metro lines and maglev, stands around 600 meters apart from SNIEC. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the “Longyang Road Station” to the fairground. In addition, Metro Line 7 is direct to SNIEC at Hua Mu Road Station whose exit 2 is closest to Hall W5 of SNIEC.

Pudong International Airport – SNIEC(Sino Corrugated 2019)

  • Taxi: about 35 minutes; the fare is about 95 RMB;
  • Maglev train: only 8 minutes; 50 RMB for single way (if the ticket is shown, 40 RMB for one way); round trip 80 RMB;
  • Airport line 3, airport line 6: about 40 minutes; fare 16 RMB;
  • Subway: Take Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC; about 40 minutes; fare is 4 RMB.
  • Pudong International Airport Enquiry Hotline: 021-38484500


Hongqiao Airport – SNIEC(Sino Corrugated 2019)

  • Taxi: about 35 minutes; the fare is about 95 RMB;
  • Subway: Take Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC; about 50 minutes, the fare is 6 RMB.
  • Hongqiao Airport Enquiry Hotline: 021-62688918


#3. Post-exhibition Preparation

It is not easy to go abroad for the exhibition, so you’d better stay for several more days, usually it is recommended to stay 7-10 days. After the fair, you can make a plan to visit the factory. One thing to keep in mind is that not all the suppliers in the fair are the factory. And if you want a better price, you’d better buy it directly from the factory.

For products like box making machines with a high unit price and strict after-sales requirements, it is very important whether the supplier is a factory or not.

Please don’t contact the supplier immediately, you should have a preparation. First, check your supplier form, and select the factory you are interested in. Suppliers in the same industry are usually in the same place, so you can visit several suppliers at the same time. Normally, you can visit at least two suppliers a day. Make the visit route according to the supplier’s location, and make an appointment with the supplier.

Second, get ready for the product. If you have a sample, the sample will be ready. If there are product parameters, the parameters will be ready. At the same time, we can also prepare some questions about the factory, such as how many people are there in the factory? What about the after-sales service? How long is the delivery time, and so on.

For a machine like the Aopack’s box making machine, the best way is to make some boxes with the machine in the factory. In this way, you usually need to prepare several things: the type and size of the box, production capacity requirements, what kind of function is required, and so on.

The biggest advantage of coming to the factory is that the factory can demonstrate some customization functions for you on site, which are hard to see in the exhibition and on a video, and you can also operate the machine on site.

After completing the above preparation, I believe you can make the most of your time to attend the SinoCorrugated exhibition and purchase the products you want and find the supplier you want. If you want to visit Aopack’s booth at SinoCorrugated trade show, please check out this page: Aopack at SinoCorrgated 2019!