A corrugated box making machine is a product with a high unit price and strict requirements on the after-sales.  Many clients want to purchase it from China, because China’s corrugated box machine has a very cost-effective, stable quality, and low price, in addition to having good after-sales. If you can find a reliable box making machine supplier in China, it means that you can save tens of thousands of dollars directly.

On the contrary, if the selected supplier is not good, it will cause a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the buyer. Many corrugated box manufacturers put more efforts into the production of their corrugated box. They don’t know much about how to purchase the machine, or how to find such a reliable supplier. Due to lack of purchasing knowledge, it makes them very worried or they even refuse to purchase them in China.

The way to solve this problem is to establish a scientific and systematic supplier system, and this is not complicated, you just need to understand the following 10 ways to find Chinese corrugated box machine suppliers. Before that, you need know what kind of suppliers do you need? Usually, you will encounter the following three suppliers:


  • Corrugated Box Machine Wholesaler

A corrugated box machine wholesaler is a very classic middleman. He is very professional about the machine, and you can enjoy their services in your local area, which can ensure good after-sales service. At the same time, you need to pay a higher price.

In the general, we do not suggest customers to select such suppliers, because many dealers can’t guarantee good service.  If there is any problem with the machine, they also need to wait for the original factory solve it.

There is a good way to judge whether a dealer is reliable. Let him operate the machine for you, ask them about some professional machine problem, and see if they know how to solve it. If the wholesaler cannot complete the training, machine installation, and after-sales service, then there is no need to buy from the Corrugated Box Machine Wholesaler.


  • Corrugated Box Machine Manufacturer

Different from other industries, a corrugated box machine manufacturer pays more attention to the technology, because the corrugated box automatic production technology is constantly developing. When choosing corrugated box machine manufacturers, you should pay more attention to their R & D team, they should have their original technology.

Usually, Chinese factories do not have the strength to produce too many kinds of corrugated box manufacturing machines for the time being, and usually they have one or two types of products.

If the factory can sell many types of machines at the same time, then it is probably a trading company, and the machines are taken from other factories.

You can enjoy a better price and after-sales if you buy from direct corrugated box manufacturing machine manufacturers. It is a direct method and gives a very important guarantee.


  • Corrugated Box Machine Traders

Many machine traders sell several types of machines at the same time and have a complete range. However, such traders are the least recommended suppliers. The cooperation with them usually ends after the purchase of the machine. If something goes wrong with the machine, you will not get  a direct guarantee of service.

To sum up, we’d better select the direct corrugated box machine factory as our supplier. Next, we need to use the following ten methods to establish our corrugated box machine supplier system in China, so that we will know which suppliers are reliable suppliers. This method is also applicable to find suppliers  in other countries.


#1. Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine service provider, and there are lots of Chinese suppliers who spend a lot of money on Google SEO service. For example, Aopack invited a professional SEO specialist to help us optimize the website. Normally, only some big factories will invest in Google SEO service, so the suppliers found through this method are usually not bad.

The operation is also very simple, you just enter your product keywords on Google and search, and it will come out with a lot of suppliers. For example, if you search “box making machine,” you can find Aopack in the sixth place in the Google results.

If you want to find a specific country supplier, you can add the country, for example, search “China box making machine,” and you will find Aopack in the third place.

By this way, you can find the first batch of  suppliers in a very short time and put their website into your Excel spreadsheet.


#2. B2B Online Platforms

Alibaba is the largest export B2B platform in China. In just a decade, more than one million Chinese suppliers have been a member of Alibaba’s platform, it’s a very good place to find your box making machine supplier. The suppliers are more credible because Alibaba charges them. The operation method is simple, open the Alibaba website: alibaba.com, search for your product keywords, “corrugated box machine,” and there were 37,944 products shown.

Alibaba offers 3 search methods: product, dealer and supplier. It is suggested to select the supplier, which can reduce the difficulty of selection, because there are many duplicate products in Alibaba.

It should be noted here that many of the stores on Alibaba that claim to be factories are actually traders, so further judgment should be made. Aopack also settled in Alibaba. Interested customers can have a look at our Ali store.


#3. Exhibition

It is obviously more reliable to look for suppliers through the exhibition, because you can actually see the suppliers. In addition, as the cost is not cheap, the suppliers who can participate in the exhibition every year are more reliable. A famous exhibition of Corrugated box machines is held at the Sino Corrugated fair. If you are interested, you can refer to this article: the Source Corrugated Product in SinoCorrugated, Complete Guide!

However, the exhibition is not suitable for the first step of finding suppliers. If you want to get a good result in the exhibition, the best way is to accumulate a number of potential suppliers through the network first. Then you can attend the fair to visit these potential suppliers to see whether they are reliable or not.


#4. Social Network

Chinese suppliers usually go to two social networking sites to promote their products, Facebook and LinkedIn. Some suppliers also register themselves on Instagram and Twitter. It’s easy to find suppliers on social networking sites. You just need to add some large groups and then publish your purchase information there, and then many suppliers will come to you. Please remember not to use your business email or it will soon be flooded with spam.


#5 Exhibition Brochure

If you do not have a plan to attend the exhibition abroad, but want to use the exhibition platform to find some good suppliers, the exhibition brochure is the best way. Some exhibition companies will put the brochure right on the website, then you can download it directly. You can also ask your suppliers to mail you the exhibition brochure.


#6 Customs Data

Looking through customs data to find corrugated box machine suppliers can be said to be one of the most reliable ways. Search for your peer company name in the customs data, and you will know which supplier he bought the machine from. At the same time, you can also enter the supplier’s company name in the customs data and search, so that you can know all the clients of the supplier. If the company has supply goods for many brands of companies, then the supplier is ten to one a good supplier.


#7. Purchasing Agent

Another good way is to hire a professional purchasing agent to help you find suppliers. The biggest advantage is that the purchasing agent can directly visit the factory, which is more convenient for  the communication due to the language advantage.

However, most purchasing agents are unprofessional and take kickbacks. If there is no credible purchasing agent, this method is not recommended.


#8. Friend introduction

Friend introduction is a good way, as only good service will have a good reputation. If you have a friend in the packaging industry, you can ask him if he has a good supplier for introduction. In addition, you can also ask help from your corrugated box suppliers, as the same industry often has a lot of resources in common.


#9. Yellow Pages

Looking for suppliers through the Yellow Pages has a long history. The Yellow Pages gets the same types of companies together, so you can get the contact information of many suppliers at one time. The disadvantage is that any supplier can submit their contact information on the Yellow Pages, so the suppliers obtained in this way are not of high quality, and you need to screen again.


#10  Local Chat groups in China

Searching for suppliers through a chat group is the way many China experts use. Two famous instant messaging tools in China are WeChat and QQ. If you search for your product keywords and join the Group, there will be many suppliers. However, the supplier information is also not good, and you need to screen again.

After reading this article, I believe you have known how to find box making supplier in China. Even the best ways need your practice, let’s do it now!