A small-scale box manufacturing business is ideal for entrepreneurs who have knowledge and experience in the commercial packaging systems and paper industries. Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a carton making business with costs, laws, and machines.

Whether you live in a metropolitan or suburban area, you can start this business. Every manufacturing business large and small needs a box. A beautiful and durable box is a must for getting the product into the hands of the end user.

1. Is a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Corrugated box manufacturing is a highly competitive industry. Profit margins are not large enough. However, with demand so high, there is always a chance for new entrants to find customers and make big bucks.

FMCG companies are major buyers of corrugated boxes. In addition, other industries such as apparel, apparel, pharmaceutical, dairy, automotive, and other product manufacturing industries are also large buyers of corrugated boxes.

2. 8 Steps to Start a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Business

Corrugated boxes are used in a wide variety of applications and are a product that is always in high demand. More than 80% of industrial packaging is made of corrugated boxes because corrugated boxes have the advantages of effective buffering, lightweight, easy production, easy storage, easy disposal, no need for bundling, printing advertising, must be exported to the market, and recyclable.

Boxes come in different custom sizes and shapes, usually square and rectangular. The carton is made of corrugated cardboard, with 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, and other specifications. The business involves buying corrugated cardboard from manufacturers or marketplaces and turning them into custom-made boxes according to the client’s specific requirements.

Corrugated boxes are suitable for packaging in different fields such as beer, glassware, cigarettes, medicines, biscuits, milk and dairy products, soap, cosmetics, tea and coffee, food, clothing industry, chemical industry, agrochemical industry, leather, and so on.

Here are 8 steps to successfully start a box manufacturing business:

1) Learn the manufacturing process

Before entering the industry, it is important to master the skills in the product and the manufacturing process. Additionally, you should be familiar with the industry’s ins and outs.

Even better if you already have an educational background in packaging. You can also go to some seminars on industrial packaging. You also need to know which specific boxes are best for a specific product. Therefore, you also need to guide your customers.

2) Corrugated box manufacturing business project plan

A detailed business plan is essential. A box manufacturing business requires modest capital to start. It is best to have customized project reports including machinery costs, raw material costs, working capital requirements, total investment, and financial analysis. At the same time, determine your box manufacturing business’s mission statement and promotional or marketing strategy.

3) Corrugated box production and operation license

Each country has different licensing procedures. Check with the authorities and obtain the required licenses and permits.

In India, to start a box manufacturing business, you need to obtain a trade license from the local government. Also, you will need to obtain a factory license. Apply to the Pollution Control Authority for the establishment and operation consent.

4) Corrugated Box Manufacturing Machinery

To start a box manufacturing business, you will need to install machineries such as corrugators, printing presses, and cutting and gluing machines. Connect with multiple suppliers. Before buying a machine, check what the customers say about the machine company. Ensure the warranty period of the machine.

5) How much is the box machine

To produce boxes commercially, you need to buy semi-automatic or fully automatic machines. For larger operations, automated machines are always preferred. Prices start at $4500 for a good quality machine. You can request a quote for free on Alibaba Marketplace. If you need an automated box making machine for small businesses, you can request our currugaed box making machine, we will happy to provide you a quotation.

6) What is the profit margin?

The profit margin of traditional packaging boxes is around 5% of turnover. However, it can be increased by offering innovative designs and better quality boxes.

7) Box Raw Material

The main raw material of corrugated box manufacturing enterprises is kraft paper. You need to collect high quality kraft paper from your supplier. The quality of the kraft paper actually determines the quality of your box. Other raw materials needed are glue and needle and thread.

There are several different corrugated boxes that you can customize according to the customer’s requirements. These are ordinary corrugated boxes, export quality corrugated boxes, cartons, cardboard boxes, printed cartons, silver plated corrugated boxes, etc.

8) Develop a promotion plan

First, potential buyers of corrugated boxes need to be identified in the industry. Contact them for your product catalog. Try to offer better business deals with a better look. Online registration on popular B2B portals. Make an online showcase for your paper packaging business.

Concentrate on designing part of the box to create an attractive image. Attend trade shows and business fairs and register with your local trade association.