Our short-run box making machine is very popular in Malaysia. After we brought it to Malaysia, more and more clients are attracted by its powerful function and competitive price. YP is our third customer in Malaysia, we know each other by our agent in Malaysia.

YP’s General Manager Mr. Liu started from nothing and developed his own carton box company. Now it has grown from a small workshop to a large factory with nearly 100 staff. YP attributes his success to his unique eye for seeing people. He always said that he sees things exceptionally well, and he can identify business opportunities in advance. He thinks the cardboard boxes business is profitable.

Our Malaysian agent and Liu is a good friend when he introduced our short-run box making machine to Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu only considered for a week before placing the order. He has a philosophy of having the equipment before the order, not having the order before the equipment.

He believes that with the introduction of the equipment, he can bring in a lot of carton boxes orders for home furnishing cartons.

General Liu came to our factory in person to inspect the machine in detail, and all the indicators of the short-run box machine meet his requirements. After the inspection, we contacted Ocean Shipping to begin shipping.

The equipment arrived at the customer’s factory in September2018, and production began after the installation was completed.

Since most of the small-batch orders in Malaysia are furniture orders and we have relatively rich experience, Manager Liu has successfully completed the installation and acceptance work.