The client in Sydney, Australia is our first client of the corrugated box machine from the southern hemisphere. Before the cooperation with us, they keep a good relationship with one of our partners in Suzhou. After our Suzhou partner introduced the BM2508 corrugated box machine to them, they immediately ordered a ticket to our factory to confirm the equipment.

After their quality engineer inspected our equipment and had no doubts about the quality, this client called us with an advance payment as soon as they back to Sydney.

After New Year’s Day 2018, we arranged for shipments to our Sydney customers and the corrugated box making machine arrived at the customer’s factory in March.

BM2508 corrugated box making machine is our first-generation product, using belt suction and no hand-hole punching, which is close to the functionality of our current low-profile machine BM2508-PLUS.

The client uses our machine to do some loose orders. They are a very large multinational company with a very high volume of business. They often received some very small number of orders, these carton boxes are not suitable for the traditional slotting machine. With more and more small orders come in, it gives them a real headache.

In the beginning, they wanted to use the traditional slotting machine to do it, but their workers did not like to operate that kind of equipment, which requires certain technical content, low production efficiency, and high labor intensity, for these reasons they finally chose our equipment.

Our BM2508 corrugated box making machine only needs to enter the required dimensions on the touch screen, and then it can be automatically adjusted to complete the production, it really can meet their requirements.

They also have some e-commerce packaging business and we equip them with a sizing and code-sweeping device. Puts the item on top of the measuring station and the code-sweeping gun can take the measurements and transfer them directly to the touch screen.

In the beginning, the customer was not satisfied with the trimming function of our equipment. After we upgraded the system, the slitting knife was added to the power, and the trimming function of the equipment met the customer’s standard very well.

The staff who operate our corrugate box machine also like it a lot.