In April 2019, we received our first order from the UK, and our BM2508 CNC cardboard box machine began to enter the UK market.

Our automatic cardboard box making machine is a combination of box slotting machine and paper slitting machine. You can use it for the production of a wide range of cardboard boxes as well as cardboard slitting, there is no need to do the slitting processes in additional.

Our UK customer chooses our equipment because our BM2508 is a highly integrated machine, which including the function of grooving touchline, slitting, and cross-cutting. High-quality cardboard box making machine with an affordable price is often welcomed by clients. In fact, our BM2508 has done a great job in the UK, our client uses it to produce high-quality carton boxes.

They need to produce a lot of large-size carton boxes. Too long length with small quantity (many orders are less 500 pcs), which makes it too cumbersome to produce by traditional box making machine.  However, it can be easily solved by our BM2508 cardboard box machine, and only one worker is needed to complete the production.

The UK client was skeptical of the Chinese equipment at first, so our engineers spent half a month in their factory. During the period, our engineer helps them add the order storage function, and help their workers to operate the machine. Our work satisfies our UK client and he told us that there are several similar types of equipment in Europe, but their equipment is not as good as ours in terms of carton edge and the price is much higher.

At first, they just came to use our equipment with the mindset of trying it out, but they didn’t expect to use it much beyond their expectations. Our BM2508 cardboard box making machine is great, and he will introduce us to his friends in the further.

Time really flies, just one year, we received one and one orders from the UK, our cardboard machine is wining the heard of UK clients.