We met this Swiss client at the Shanghai SinoCorrugated exhibition. After a simple communication, they operated our BM2508 Corrugated Box Machine on site and were satisfied with the performance and operation. After the exhibition, this client contacted us and come to our factory to disscuss the purchasing details. After the detailed but not long discussion, they fixed the order and their machine would be shipped in October 2019. Our team arrived at their company in early December to finished the machine installation.

Swiss box machine

As our client has some special requirements on the BM2508 cartoon box machine, we make some customizations so that our machine can more suitable for their orders. It costs us much time, customization always need more time, but finally we receive the satification from the clients, it deserved.

When our machine was delivered to Switzerland, the customer was able to turn it on easily without any training, and they gave a high praise to our equipment for its ease to operate. Then they tried to produce some carton box with the new machine. The produced carton boxes were not only precise in size, but also neat and tidy.

Our team saw a lot of  advanced machines in the client’s factory, most of them were purchased from the developed countries. The client’s factory is a famous company in Swiss. Before buying our machine, they prefer the machine from USA & Europe. However, after long time sourcing, they didn’t find a satisfied machine that can meet their requirements until meet our BM2508. Excellent performance, competitive price, BM2508 is exactly what they want.

The customer’s employees were also very happy to operate the machine on site. They did not believe that it was independently developed and manufactured by Chinese people, thinking that Chinese factory was just a contract manufacturer. After our engineers introduced the machine, they are so surprised that China had such ability in the research of automatic carton box machine.

After such a pleasant transaction, they expect us to develop new products and continue to cooperate with us in the future. Every success cooperation make us believe that as long as customers believe in our products, we will give them a satisfactory equipment and considerate service.