This Malaysia customer’s factory is only eighty kilometers away from our last customer’s. He bought our equipment mainly to solve the furniture order problem. In Malaysia, there are many furniture factories, the carton boxes from the furniture factory are not easy to produced. Because they need large-size, but low quantity carton boxes.

In Malaysia, most furniture is exported to overseas, the quality and aesthetic design of packaging is very important. It directly affects the customer’s first impression of their products, that’s why the furniture factories like to pay much money one the carton boxes.

Even under this circumstance, only a few carton manufacturers are willing to produce the furniture carton box orders. Because their equipment is only suitable for the mass production. Although the price is high, they couldn’t make money with such low quantity. Besides, few workers in carton box factory are willing to produce such boxes, because it is very tired. Some machines are even not workable for the large-size carton boxes.

The manager is a smart young man, we called him HZ. He think that solve the furniture package problem is a good opportunity, but he can’t find a satisfied automatic slot machine (he calls it automatic slot machine).

HZ meet our BM2508 Plus carton box machine from our agent in Malaysia. After reading the product brochure and watching video of the machine, HZ knows that it was the machine he needed. Soon, HZ visit our factory with our agent in Malaysia.

At the beginning, considering the cost, we recommend HZ to visit our last client’s factory. He can see and operate our BM2508 carton box machine, but HZ insisted on visiting our company on site, it would help him have a deeper understanding of the machine.

HZ Factory Tour

In March 2019, accompanied by the agent, he arrived at our city by air. During the 3 days in China, he got to know the function of our equipment and made several carton boxes by himself. He felt very satisfied and made a careful observation on the electrical and mechanical parts used in our equipment. He saw that there were all made by famous international manufacturers and expressed his appreciation.

In the end of the first day of investigation, HZ provided a box style he needed, which was not available in our catalogue. He hoped that if he bought our equipment, it would be added on. The next day, when HZ arrived at our company again, we gave him a surprise, the box style he said yesterday, our programmer add it in the machine with one night work! HZ think that it was quite incredible, he appreciate our professional engineer, Later, we tested several different sizes, all of them were ok.

We discuss some details in the next day’s afternoon, such as payment method, delivery date and after-sales technical support. We had made a preliminary agreement, when the order was placed, we send the equipment to him within 2 months, and our after-sales technicians will go to Malaysia to install and debug the equipment.

Malaysia carton box machine

HZ didn’t visit our company again on the third day. He completely trusted our equipment and was overwhelmed by our efficient execution and technical strength, so we took him to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qingdao.

Malaysia carton box machine

Inspection and shipment

After HZ went back to Malaysia, he reported to the boss about the investigation, and placed an order to us in Apri. 2 month later, we informed him to come to the factory for acceptance.

HZ test about 100 carton boxes, there were all good, HZ accepted and signed on his BM2508 Plus carton box making machine, we took a group photo together. The equipment was delivered as scheduled, and the machine was sealed with anti-rust film. The metal parts inside were treated with WD40 anti-rust oil There were a special underpan for the forklift truck, which can ensure the equipment is well protected during handling and transportation.

Malaysia carton box machine

After sales support

It took about half a month to ship the equipment from China to Malaysia by sea. After shipping out the equipment to HZ, we started to arrange the after-sales service. According to the agreement, we would arrange after-sales engineer to Malaysia for after-sales service and training. HZ only needs to be responsible for the flight ticket and accommodation expenses.

We provide 1 years warranty for our machine, during the after-sales period, all the maintenance and training service are free of charge, such as equipment installation and debugging, operation training, maintenance training and replacement training of wearing parts. When the equipment arrived in the port where the HZ factory is located, our after-sales engineer also start going to Malaysia

In the HZ factory, the installation and debugging took two days, the operators were trained for two days, and the operators operated independently on the last day. Our after-sales engineer observed whether the operators had improper operation and gave correction. The whole process of installation, debugging and training was completed within one week.

Carton box production

When the BM2508 Plus carton box making machine arrived at the customer’s factory, the factory’s manager had already got a lot of carton orders from the furniture factory in advance and was waiting for the equipment to be started.

HZ was very satisfied with the use of the equipment, the factory can produce 40 or 50 orders a day on average, and the monthly profit was nearly close to the profit of the bulk carton of the die-cutting machine.

Besides, the carton box inspection was simple, and there were few quality problems, so the customer can take care of it easily. HZ was happy to say that more orders would be received from customer in the future, and the profit was more considerable

HZ always said that if there will be any visit from Malaysia’s customers in the future, they can come to his factory directly, we are all friends, we can help each other. We gave HZ some cutting blades, fiber paper holder and other vulnerable parts as gift in return.