Nasko is a friend from Bulgaria. He runs a carton box factory and has a lot of small-quantity orders every day. Before he made those boxes, he used the traditional box slotting machine. It’s a very low-efficiency box making machine, and the knives adjustment is also troublesome. If we use it to make large-sized cardboard boxes, it’s very inconvenient.

Meanwhile, it is difficult to recruit young people in Bulgaria’s factories, the operators in the factories are all elderly uncles and aunts. The daily output is very limited, which also constrict the development of Nasko’s factory. Therefore, he wants to find an automatic box slotting machine that can adjust the knife automatically, feed paper automatically, and it can be easy to operate and labor-saving.

Traditional slotting machines, older operators

Nasko put his eyes to China and came to Shanghai to attend the China International Corrugating Exhibition in April 2019. In this place, Nasko found his ideal automatic grooving machine, where we met.


The deal of box slotting machine

Nasko saw our box slotting machine at the exhibition and stopped to study it carefully. We gave him a detailed introduction of the machine: automatic paper feeding, automatic knife adjustment, fully automatic control of PLC+HMI, fast sheet change, slotting effect the same as that of the die cutting machine, active rotating slitting knife-cutting cleanly, and with the function of drilling portable holes.  After introducing the characteristics of the equipment, we showed him the process of producing carton boxes. We let him input the dimensions, operate the equipment to produce cartons, and experience the simplicity and ease of our machine.

Cartons made by Nasko

After operating the box slotting machine, Nasko was very satisfied with the function and ease of use, which exceeded his expectations. At that moment, he decided to buy the exhibition machine. However, to his regret, the exhibition machine was booked in advance by a customer in Britain, so he had to wait two months for the new machine.

We signed a contract with Nasko at the exhibition, and he arranged the payment shortly after backing Bulgaria. In the subsequent communication, according to Nasko’s request, we changed the language of the operation screen to Bulgarian for the convenience of their staff.

For customers in different countries, we try our best to meet their customized needs to facilitate their use. At the time of delivery, we upgraded the paper feeding part to the latest leading-edge paper feeding module. Although the cost has increased a lot, it is still delivered to the customer according to the contract price. Our customer gets higher satisfaction and more perfect equipment, this is also our first goal.

Two months later, Nasko uses online video to inspect the goods. Everything went smoothly during the inspection. We showed him several boxes and let him watch the internal configuration of the box slotting machine in detail to make sure everything is ok.

Note: Our equipment supports language customization and Logo customization; Equipment inspection can be done on-site or online via video. 

After the inspection is completed, the equipment was packed and shipped.

After-sales support in Bulgaria

When the machine arriving at the port, our engineer will start to provide after-sales support.  After two days of installation and debugging, our BM2508 box slotting machine began to run, and trial production, the training of staff operation was conducted.

Nasko was the first one to accept the training because only he is good at English and was able to communicate smoothly with our engineer. He knew about the carton box slotting machine and soon mastered the operation. After the carton boxes were produced, he praised our equipment and was very satisfied.

In the next few days, our after-sales engineer and Nasko trained the workers of his factory. Because the operation interface is Bulgarian, the workers learned how to operate the machine soon, and can carry out independent production. It is easy to operate our equipment to produce carton boxes, the lower labor intensity, the faster in knife adjustment, and the higher production efficiency, our machine is highly appraised by the workers.

The user interface of Bulgarian language

Staff operating equipment

Our carton box slotting machine has been operating well in Nasko’s factory and got a high appraisal from our client.