When it comes to starting a corrugated box business, many people think of opening a corrugated box factory, from raw materials purchasing to selling, which means we need a high cost to start the business, and high cost usually means a high risk. However, auto box machine allows you to start your corrugated box business at a very low cost, and it is very flexible, not only to meet the production needs of small batch corrugated box, but also to meet the needs of multiple industries and different kinds of products.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to start a traditional corrugated box manufacturing business: Here is a common list of cardboard box manufacturing machinery:

Face Paper Corrugation Machine Eccentric Slotter Machine
Board Cutters Stitching Machines.
Sheet Cutters Pressing machine
Pasting Machine – Sheet Flexo Printing Machine
Pressing Machine – Sheet Variable frequency drive
Rotary Cutting and Creasing Machine Generator set

To start the corrugated box business with auto box machine, you only need to buy a machine, which is convenient and low-cost. Aopack show you how the auto box machine can help you start a corrugated box business in different areas.


1. What is auto box machine

Aopack auto box machine is a fully automatic carton box manufacturing machine for corrugated cardboard, suitable for box plant with small quantity orders and big size cartons, which effectively solves the problem of scattered orders. It can also provide the most suitable corrugated packaging box on demand for furniture, hardware accessories, e-commerce logistics and other industries.

2. Corrugated box business in different areas

With auto box machine, you can easily start your corrugated box business in different areas. Importantly, it’s low-cost business.


  • For Box plant corrugated box manufacturing business

Just coming into the corrugated box manufacturing field, we do not recommend you build a very integrated package factory, you don’t need buy all the machine and employ too many workers.

It is best to produce the box according to customer’s requirement. For example, many customers uses the auto box machine provided by us to produce OEM corrugated boxes for their customers. The corrugated boxes they produced are very simple, without any brand information or redundant functions.

You many think that the simple service would let them to miss many customers and orders, and they might loss a lot of money for their business. But in fact, their MOQ is very small, which can meet the needs of many small customers, who just need neutral packaging Because they can find the right customers, they can make much more profit.

Last but not least, the market for OEM boxes is much bigger than for boxes that require brand information, so you don’t need to worry about losing business if you specialize in OEM corrugated boxes.

With auto box machine, you can build your factory with lower risk at the lowest cost. And accurate customer group resources can ensure sufficient order, at this time you can consider buying more equipment to meet the needs of more customers.


  • For Box Distributors corrugated box business

Corrugated box distributors are different from corrugated box factories in that they face more complex and demanding customers. Many customers may not even know what kind of corrugated box they want and need dealers to help them. From prototype design to the sample, corrugated box distributors need a lot of time to communicate with customers, while factories are often impatient or even refuse to cooperate with these complex requirements, which directly increases the difficulty for dealers to get the orders.

Auto box machine can easily solve this problem. No matter what shape of corrugated box the customer wants, the distributors can make samples in just a few seconds with this machine. And if your customers only need a small number of boxes, you can also use this machine to customize corrugated boxes for them, which directly improve the service experience of dealers.

Moreover, this machine does not take up space, so you do not need to rent a factory for it. Aopack has shown customers how to make corrugated box samples in the exhibition hall of 30 square meters for many times, which has attracted many customers.

  • For Furniture Factory corrugated box business

Aopack corrugated box machine has a very good advantage to make big size carton boxes, it’s very suitable for the furniture. In general, Aopack auto box machine saves dozens of common standard furniture sizes by default. You only need to choose the box style suitable for your furniture, and then it will produce corrugated packaging boxes suitable for your furniture.

If your furniture is customized and has no standard size, you don’t need to manually measure the size of the furniture. You just need to enter a number of key numbers into the machine, and the machine will automatically save your data and make the corrugated box suitable for your furniture.

Furniture factory is an important customer group of Aopack. We provide auto box packing machine for dozens of small and medium-sized furniture factories, which greatly improves their production efficiency and solves the complicated packaging troubles of furniture.


  • For hardware factory corrugated box business

The biggest advantage of auto box machine is to simplify the complex packaging process, which can be reflected in the hardware packaging. As is known to all, there are many hardware styles. A small hardware factory produces hundreds to thousands of hardware a year. If we need to measure the size of each piece of hardware, it will undoubtedly be a huge workload. Auto box machine does not need us to measure the size manually.

In the past, the production of packaging boxes for hardware factories may require the cooperation of workers in a department, with low efficiency and high cost. But with auto box machine, you only need one worker and one machine.


  • For E-commerce logistics industry corrugated box business

With the development of E-commerce, the demand for packaging boxes in the e-commerce logistics industry is also increasing. With auto box machine can, the logistics company can provide customers with better, more accurate, faster and cheaper packaging services, which will undoubtedly win more orders.

E-commerce is characterized by a variety of products. If your box is not fully adapted to the product, it will increase the risk of damage during transportation. One Amazon seller may be selling dozens of products at the same time, so many kinds of products also make it impossible for us to measure the size of each product. If dozens or hundreds of orders are sold every day, the seller only need a small number of packing boxes, but the corrugated box factory usually don’t accept such small order.

Auto box machine can solve this problem. Even if you only produce one corrugated box, this machine can produce it immediately. And you do not need to measure the size, just take the code of the product, the machine can automatically identify the size of the product, and then produce your corrugated box.

In short, you could simply start your corrugated box business by purchasing a auto carton box  packing machine. What business you choose depends on your customer group and the resources you have in hand at present.