For 5 years, Qingdao Aopack On Demand Packaging Co., Ltd has become the leading box making machine manufacturer in China. At Aopack, we pride ourselves on the self-developed and high-quality short run box making machine as well as the efficient and comprehensive customer service.

In the 21st century, remote communications online are very common in not only daily chatting but also in international business and marketing, especially in the field of machinery. Aopack gradually formed a unique remote guidance model, which is quite helpful for offering customers better service more conveniently and timely.

We generally communicate with customers in every aspect of the whole process, such as production, testing, inspection, packing & shipping, installation, commissioning, maintenance, updates, etc. The photos and videos of every process will be sent to our customers for confirmation, which usually contains all details of our box making machine. For example, the HMI panel screen, nameplate, electric control cabinet, air control cabinet, machine views from the front, rear, left side and right side, videos showing the testing process of machine producing box using both single sheet & continuous fanfold sheets, and so on.

View of BM2508 Box Making Machine

As long as all the inspections passed successfully, we will get ready for booking vessels and ship machines out. Before delivery, the machine will be packed with plastic film and a tray. During the loading process, necessary pictures will be taken, etc.

View of Packing

After the journey of sea shipping, the machine finally arrives at the customer factory.

Meanwhile, We have a full set of remote guidance methods for different customers before they use it. There are mainly the following three instruction approaches:

First of all, BM2508 Instruction Manual.

BM2508 Instruction Manual is a simple user instruction for BM2508 box making machine, which can provide product safety information, as well as essential instructions including mechanical and electrical installation, basic commissioning, program operation and daily maintenance. This manual will be sent to technical staff or operators from the customer company once the machine order is placed. So that they can have a preliminary understanding of our machine in advance. For some customers who are professional and know machinery well, it is easy to install and use our machine with this instruction manual, only takes one day to get the machine done and put into running successfully. For other customers who may use it for the first time, please read this machine instruction manual carefully before any operation on the machine and keep it properly. 

M2508 Instruction Manual Installation Guide

BM2508 Instruction Manual Operation Interface Introduction

Detailed Guide and Training Videos.

Our BM2508 Instruction Manual is in Chinese and English. Sometimes it is difficult for some customers who are not good at Chinese and English to understand the machine well. So the detailed instruction video is always required. In the video, customers can see the whole process of our staff’s operation clearly. This method is more intuitive and visual.

On the other hand, to save shipping space, customers might ask some of the machine auxiliary brackets to stay unassembled. Under this condition, every part will be numbered and marked before they have been shipped. When customers received them, they can easily find the part of the machine they need and install according to the video and related text manual.

Face-to-Face Online Video Call.

If the above two methods do not work very well, the third way will definitely work. Face-to-face is the easiest and most direct way. We have English speaking engineers who are experienced and professional with our machine and they will offer the most suitable guidance and training. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us freely via E-mail, WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, zoom, etc.

Based on various remote after-sale services, we are so happy to see that it is such a good opportunity to help customers achieve something even the pandemic still spreading sharply. In the meantime, we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from our customers about Aopack box making machine BM2508-Plus. All of their response tells us we are doing very well in machine performance, quality, stability, and service.

Here are some examples of customer feedback that we’ve got recently:

Customer Positive Feedback

·“ As a whole we are happy with machine, your company, you, Jason and Tony. You are a good team. You are on the path to great things” said by our Europe client.

·“ Everything is good and we are very happy with the machine. And we still have a potential client for your equipment.” One of our Russian customer mentioned that he would like to introduce this machine to other potential buyers.

·“ The equipment that you supplied to us is 10 times more productive than I had before that time.” One of the North American customer felt quite satisfied with Aopack box maker, because it effectively help them complete hundreds of low to medium volume boxes production.  

Aopack is engaged to offer the best service to ensure our customers use the machine easily and conveniently. Customer satisfaction always comes to be our first priority.

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