On July 24, 2020, the three-day South China International Corrugated Exhibition ended perfectly at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center and ended successfully. The SinoCorrugated exhibition received a total of 33,703 visitors. As the first packaging industry exhibition after the epidemic has eased, the epidemic cannot stop the development of the industry, nor can it stop the progress of the Australian school. The exhibition site was full of popularity. Together, we witnessed the restart of the industry and the renewed confidence in the industry.

As a special sales company of Aopack, Carton Man has participated in the exhibition for the third time. Although he did not speak, he also obeyed the management regulations during the non-coronavirus epidemic, put on a mask, and silently waited for the arrival of customers. Customers like this silent guy very much, and always rush to take photos with him. Maybe next year we should make a carton hat for him.

In this exhibition, our booth area reached 60 square meters. What we exhibited is our best-selling equipment, the fully automatic CNC carton box making machine BM2508 Plus. This machine has been sold in more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Argentina, etc., and has been well received by customers.

Although the country is affected by the epidemic and the number of flights has decreased, it is more difficult for foreign customers to participate in the exhibition, but there are still many foreign customers who come to our booth to communicate with us and operate our carton machine in person.

Automatic No die-cut box machine (Automatic No die-cut box machine), because there is no need for molds, the order change is completed within 30 seconds, and it is fully automatic without manual adjustment, which is deeply loved by customers. Aopack’s display machine was directly ordered by the customer on the first day. After 3 days of very happy communication and busy schedule, Aopack sold a total of 5 BM2508 Plus. Among them, one is in Ningbo, one is in Nanjing, one is in Hefei, and two are purchased online by British customers.

Unexpectedly, during the epidemic, the effect of the exhibition was so good. Aopack plans to participate in the 2021 Shanghai International Corrugated Exhibition and booked 100 square meters. Next year, we will cooperate with digital printing to exhibit and provide customers with complete small batch order solutions.