Many clients are worried about the wear parts replacement problem when they choosing a paper box making machine. The whole machine is not easy broken, but the wear parts will need renew regularly. So the price and after sales service is a important thing to think before we want to buy the paper box making machine.

There are three principles for the wear parts, cheap, easily replace, and stable supply. So a good after-sales service for the wear parts in the box making machine supplier will benefits clients a lot. Aopack box making machine includes three types wear parts: cutting knives, slotting knives, and knife comb. Here we’ll introduce every wear parts so that you can have a good understanding of our service.


1. Cutting Knives

Cutting knives are used mainly in horizontal knives and vertical knives components for cutting cardboard. It is made of high quality tungsten steel, with high hardness, wear resistance, long service life features, it’s the high-end tool in the corrugated industry.

Each knife can cut the length of cardboard up to 15-200,000 meters; The blade can be used for 3-6 months according to 1000 pieces per day (1.5m in length). When the blade is not sharp, you can directly replace a new blade; The removed worn blade can be repaired and retained for next replacement. One piece knife can be resharpenable for about 3 times.

Replacement steps: the cutting knives is fixed with 4 pieces M4 bolts. When replacing, remove the 4 pieces bolts with a 3mm Allen wrench, replace it with a new blade, and then reinstall the bolts.

Tools: hexagon wrench within 3mm, anti-cutting gloves.


  • 1. you must wear the anti-cutting gloves;
  • 2. cutting knife bolts must be tightened, add anti-loose spring pad;
  • 3. the cutting knife can not impact, knock, beat, fall.

2. Slotting Knives

Slotting knife is mainly used for horizontal grooving corrugated board, made of SKD11 mould steel imported from Japan, with high strength, good toughness, good wear resistance feature. Each set of knives can complete > 1.5 million carton processing, a slotting knife can be used for more than 2 years. After the slotting knives wears out, it can be replaced with new parts.


Replacement steps: the slotting knife is fixed by 4 M6 bolts. When replacing, remove 4 bolts, remove the slotting knife, replace with a new part and reinstall the bolts.

Tools: 5mm Allen key, gloves.


  • 1. Wear the gloves to prevent hand injury;
  • 2. the bolts must be tightened to prevent loosening.

The lifespan of slotting knife depends on the quality of cardboard slotting, and the quality generally decreases with the abrasion of the cutting edge of the tool, which will produce burr, fragmentation. A lot of cardboard with sand content as high as 5% ~ l0%, sand will grind the cutting edge continuous, it will hurt the cutting edge surface. The lifespan of the slotting knife decreases with the increase of time, sand content and impurities in the cut board.

3. Comb

The knife comb is mainly used to support corrugated board, and it forms a shear Angle with the cutting knife to ensure smooth and neat cutting of paperboard. It is a new component used to replace rubber roll in the industry. Compared with rubber roll, it has the advantages of small erosion on blades, easy replacement and low cost.

The knife comb is made of carbon fiber with high strength and its lifespan is up to 1 year. The comb can be replaced with new parts after broken.

Replacement steps: each comb is fixed by 2 M6 bolts. Remove 2 bolts with a 5mm Allen wrench, replace them with a new comb, and then reinstall the bolts.

Tool: 5mm Allen wrench

4. Wear Parts Price & Replacement Pilicy


Slotting Knife

Cutting Knife



SKD11 imported from Japan

Tungsten steel

The carbon fiber


500mm: 1000USD/2pcs

350mm: 900USD/2pcs

250mm: 800USD/2pcs



Usually, Aopack will provide two pieces of cutting knives and combs, which will be shipped together with the machine.If you need more wear parts, and it’s inconvenient to buy from your country; we can help you to buy from China and then ship it to you.